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FLL: Field-level Leadership in the Water Sector in Beira

Video: The World Bank

MUDAR is one of several initiatives financed by bilateral and multilateral donors to support Beira’s urban development. As in the case of MUDAR, some of these projects are aimed at strengthening the technical and management capacities of Beira’s municipality, which among others is responsible for developing and maintaining city infrastructure (e.g. sewerage and water drainage), and providing public utilities (e.g. waste management).

Field Level Leadership (FLL) is a development approach developed by the World Bank to identify and develop leaders within a public institution through a training programme for all staff in an organisation. In pilot projects implemented and evaluated in several countries, this approach has often generated positive changes in the attitude and behaviour of public servants and significantly improved organisational performance.

In Beira, the World Bank together with VNG International, between July 2021 and May 2023, implemented a project targeting the Beira Autonomous Sanitation Service, the municipal service that manages and maintains the city’s sanitation system. This video recounts this experience and the impact of this project through the words of SASB staff and the testimonies of some citizens.

We have published it on the MUDAR website because we think it can be an inspiration for MUDAR’s partners and for those following this project.